on 4th August, 2017


Urban Development division at CoE CPEC headed by Dr. Saleem Janjua has partnered with Urban Unit, Lahore for the 4th Pakistan Urban Forum titled “CPEC & CITIES” scheduled for Octobor 2017, Quetta. CoE-CPEC hosted a Pre Seminar Forum between partners (Government of Baluchistan, BUITEMS, & Urban Unit) on 04-08-2017 in Islamabad. The Pre Seminar Forum was arranged in two rounds. The first round was conducted in morning at CoE-CPEC office, and the second round of the event was held in afternoon at RAMADA.

The Pre Seminar Forum was chaired by Dr. Shahid Rashid, Executive Director CoE-CPEC. He delivered a brief presentation regarding the Centre and its working areas. It then proceeded with a briefing to partners by Dr. Nasir Javed, CEO, Urban Unit, Lahore regarding Pakistan Urban Forum. The forum is Pakistan’s premier national public debate on urban issues, with an international outlook dedicated to the urban development agenda and opportunities/ The Urban forum started in in 2011 by the Urban Unit, and is regularly being organized every 2 years by the Urban Unit, along with relevant provincial, national and international partners

The highlight of the seminar was that an in-depth discussion on the agenda of the 4th Pakistan Urban Forum was made between members. Proposed seminar/PUF title is “CPEC & the CITIES
Urban & Economic Development in Balochistan” planned at Quetta. The PUF will target diverse issues and topics related to urbanization, and will have speakers from national and international level. The objective of the forum is to discuss the impact of CPEC on urbanization, development sectors, economic growth, industries & cities in Balochistan. Proposed logo, session themes, speakers, responsibilities, and branding of the events were also discussed among the partners. Besides core members, the national and international partners expressed interest in the forum, and offered their extended support for the event.

For the successful execution of the 4th Pakistan urban forum, urban development division at CoE-CPEC under the supervision of Dr. Saleem Janjua is in liason with all stakeholders and is providing technical and administrative support for the event