CPEC Trade and Industry Cooperation


Trade and Industrialization are, no doubt, the main factors behind the success stories of ‘Asian tigers and dragons’ in the recent time.  The inclusive growth can effectively and efficiently be achieved through   promoting trade and developing industry.  The role of trade and industrial cooperation in this regard is very crucial. Learning from the best practices of China Pakistan can expand its industrial base and enhance international trade. The targets are to achieve the competitiveness, establish viable industry clusters and create market niche for Pakistan.

Vision To achieve inclusive growth through establishing viable industry clusters, creating market niche and enhancing trade
Mission Realizing sustainable development from competiveness, export promotion and import substitution
Proposed Research Area •      Effective and efficient vertically integrated value chains under CPEC

•      Trade and Industry synergy for  inclusive growth

•      Designing of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) under new economic geography (NEG)

•      Ease of doing business and investment friendly climate in emerging economies

•      Energy, infrastructure and growth nexus

Proposed Research and Possible Outcomes CPEC as a catalyst of inclusive growth

•      Imitation, innovation and invention

•      Structural change under CPEC umbrella

•      Social and economic indicators associated with CPEC portfolio

Implications of CPEC for Export promotion and Import substitution

•      How CPEC can create the culture of entrepreneurship

•      The role of CPEC in growing forth industrial revolution

Long Terms Strategic Objectives of Thematic Area 1.      To achieve Inclusive growth

2.      To enhance regional connectivity through trade and industrial cooperation

3.      To increase total factor productivity for sustainable development