Financing and Financial Sector Integration under CPEC



Financing and Financial Sector Integration has its own importance in shaping the future of Pakistan. Financing and Financial Sector Integration involves the working of Chinese and Pakistani financial institutions in such a way that they work in maximum synchronization. The Centre of Excellence for CPEC has been given the mandate to explore the opportunities and challenges involved in this regard. Other aligned objectives of this theme include; to conduct policy based research and present to the implementers.


Research under this theme encompasses the financial markets; banks, Stock markets, insurance mechanism, non-banking financial institution and PSDP financing involved in the CPEC portfolio.

Research Goals:

Research orientation of the Financing and Financial Sector Integration theme is mostly around the debt liabilities under CPEC, PSDP funding mechanism, financial market integration, risk assessment etc. Our theme aims at providing and disseminating the research in the form of research reports, policy papers, working paper series and article publication in journal etc.

Research Areas:

Research areas under this theme include finding the impact of CPEC projects on the national economy of Pakistan, modes of CPEC financing, CPEC related debt solvency, profit repatriation, opportunities for new financial markets and institutions and the policies regarding risks involved in the process of integration.