Job Growth and Human Resource Development



Job Growth & Human Resource Development (JG&HRD) is vital to economic recovery and growth of Pakistan. Economic progress in Pakistan is strong, but significant challenges remains like unemployment, less competitive human resource, inequalities and women faced economic, social, and cultural challenges that limit their access to markets, quality jobs, and entrepreneurship. This in turn holds back whole economies.

At Centre of Excellence for China Pakistan Economic Corridor, we report on a very specific aspect of job creation & human resource development through China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects.

The CPEC projects enhance the employment and economic opportunities of vulnerable groups, particularly women and youth in Pakistan. CPEC will also help to promote inclusive development from Gilgit to Gwadar by enhancing the employment and human resource.

The CoE-CPEC will support applied research on job creation and human resource development, particularly through CPEC projects, to address the complex set of barriers holding back youth and women’s economic empowerment. CPEC will foster new job horizons for providing youth with more promising prospects other than informal.



Research Goals:

  • To design a database of different level of jobs created in early harvest projects (EHP)
  • To provide the projection of total direct, indirect and induced jobs through CPEC projects
  • To develop a list of traits and the skills required to facilitate the CPEC projects from medium to long term
  • To provide policy guideline regarding the human resource development & requirement under CPEC medium to long term projects.

Research Areas:

  • Current outlook of trainings, workshops & courses offered by vocational & training institutes
  • CPEC projects related traits & skills requirement from medium to long term
  • Human resource development and requirements in Energy, Infra, Port and industry projects  under CPEC
  • Employment policy of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) under CPEC
  • Number of jobs created in early harvest projects of CPEC
  • Future job creation from medium to long term in CPEC projects.