Lecture delivered on “CPEC a new era of development for Pakistan” by Head of Policy Division Urban Development, Dr. Saleem Janjua

at NED University, Karachi


Dr. Saleem Janjua, Policy Head Urban Development Division, CoE-CPEC was invited by Dr. Mir Shabar Ali, Dean Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, NED University of Engineering and Technology to deliver a lecture on China Pakistan Economic Corridor The lecture took place on 18-09-2017 at NED University Karachi and was attended by a large number of students and faculty members.

Dr. Janjua started with an introduction of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. He elaborated the Belt and Road Initiative (B&RI) / OBOR in detail. He then discussed the background, timelines, and institutional framework of CPEC. The 1+4 portfolio of CPEC was discussed in detail. What would be the impact and benefits of CPEC projects to the economy of Pakistan was also discussed. The audience showed a deep interest in the lecture and also asked relevant questions which were promptly answered by Dr. Janjua. The lecture concluded with a discussion on research areas that students can take up under the CPEC urban development portfolio.