Nine Proposed Priority SEZs under CPEC and SEZ Act; An Approach to Industrial Development

Saira Ali



SEZs are promoted around the globe mainly in less developed countries as a strategy to industrialize and to accelerate the economic growth. The growing number of zones are the evidence of this “second best”1 (Farole, 2010) and cornerstone (UNIDO, 2015) strategy for the country’s economic growth. Pakistan has announced SEZs to support the strategy of export promotion and import substitution. This paper discusses the SEZs prioritized under CPEC portfolio and highlights the geographical comparative advantage in terms of availability of natural resources, means of connectivity (road, rail, airport, sea port and dry port), and human resource and identified potential industries based on the factor endowment of the region.

Accepted for Presentation at: 7th Asian Management Research and Case Conference (AMRC), 2018) on 23rd and 24th March, 2018

Accepted for Publication at: “South Asian Journal of Business Studies and Asian Journal of Management Cases”. Likely to publish by July, 2018.


SEZ, human resource, potential industries

Saira Ali is Research Associate of Policy Socio-Economic Impacts of CPEC, Centre of Excellence-China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Planning Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad, Pakistan, Email:, Website: