Socio- economic Impacts of CPEC

Vision To promote socio-economic development and prosperity through economic policies and planning for the benefit of society.
Mission Understanding of growth and change processes, individual welfare and the behaviour and opportunities for general masses.
Proposed Research Area •      CPEC and its implication for Human Capital Development in Pakistan.

•      CPEC and class conflicts in term of Balanced growth

•      CPEC and Economic integration

•      CPEC and Institutional Reforms

•      CPEC and Extremism in Pakistan

•      CPEC and Changing Geo-Political Environment

•      Implication of CPEC for Eradication of Poverty and Inequalities in Pakistan

•      Environmental Implication of CPEC

Proposed Research and Possible Outcomes CPEC as a solution to Counter Ethnic Insurgencies in Pakistan

•      Causes of Ethnic Insurgencies in Pakistan

•      Highlight the severity of insurgencies across different areas

•      What measures under CPEC would be suggested to counter ethnic issues

•      Way of Implementations

Implications of CPEC for Poverty and Income Inequalities

•      How CPEC can increase Employment Opportunities

•      CPEC and its effects on Per-Capita Income of Households

•      To find the implications of CPEC in Human Capital Development to eradicate poverty

•      Suggest different measure to narrow down the gap between different income groups

Success of CPEC in the presence of current institutional structure of Pakistan

•      The current scenario of institutional quality of Pakistan

•      To explore different institutional constraint in CPEC successful Implementations

•      Suggest institutional reforms


Long Terms Strategic Objectives of Thematic Area 1.      To achieve Sustainable growth

2.      To enhance harmony among federating units

3.      To strengthen Geo-Political position of Pakistan in the region

4.      To Uplift the living standard of general masses