RTC on CPEC Socio Economic Impacts at COE-CPEC


Remarks and Recommendations by Secretary MoPD&R on the Round Table Conference on “The Socio-Economic Impacts of 9 SEZs under CPEC”


He advised to apply the theoretical analysis into practical reforms. To provide initial knowledge of SEZs in the regards Socio-Economic influences to the seminars and also asked for a seminar on this. The chambers should be given opportunity to give their ideas and methodologies as they have a main role. Their concerns have heavy value in this regard as they have an experience about the trade zones and development sectors. He suggested arranging a session with Secretary Advisor to PM to gather information for Baluchistan Profile.

Participants of Round Table Conderence on “The Socio-Economic Impacts of 9 SEZs under CPEC”

 imageSpecialists from all the sectors including MoPD&R, Chambers, BOI, and academia took a part in this first RTC of the CPEC Centre of Excellence on the “Socio-Economic Impacts of 9 SEZs under CPEC”