Workshop on “Measuring Socio-Economic Impact of CPEC”


Socio-Economic Division at Centre of Excellence-CPEC is working to design info-structure to measure the Socio-Economic impact of CPEC. With this vision the division has organized a 5 days workshop titled “Measuring Socio-Economic Impact of CPEC”. Dr. Omer Khalid, Coordinator South and West Africa Region at Community Information Empowerment & Transparency (CIET) was invited as trainer.  Workshop is conducted in three stages; Pre-Workshop which was a three days activity to discuss the issues and challenges in measuring the immediate socio-economic impact of CPEC projects in selected locality and scope and context of available data on socio-economic conditions in Pakistan. In second stage, stakeholders from relevant ministries, practitioners and academia were invited to discuss the following issues;

  • Need to collect the micro level data
  • Scope and context of available data on socio-economic conditions of Pakistan
  • Scope and context of micro level data needed for CPEC projects

This session was concluded with the following recommendations;

  • Need to collect micro level data
  • Need to design a baseline survey
  • Importance of periodic measures of socio-economic impact of the projects needs to be emphasized

The last stage of workshop aimed to design a framework for info-structure and way forward to measure the socio-economic impact of CPEC. In this session methods of collecting data, instruments and time frame was discussed and finalized.