Husnain Saeed

Senior Research Fellow

Acting Thematic Head-Regional Connectivity under CPEC

Husnain Saeed is working in capacity of Senior Research Fellow and Acting Thematic Head of Regional-Connectivity at CE-CPEC. Husnain is a PhD Scholar at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in the field of Design and Manufacturing Engineering.  He has done his Masters in the same area from NUST whereas his Bachelors in Engineering degree is from EME College in the field of Mechatronics Engineering. He is also a certified Project Management specialist from Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM).

Husnain is a Researcher, Technology Entrepreneur and a Farmer and has got 9 years’ experience under his belt. He has worked in various reputed National and International Organizations and on multitude of domains ranging from Product Design and Development to Robotics/Automation and Project Management. Husnain also holds prestigious title of Marie-Curie Fellow.

Currently he is working as Acting Thematic Head of Regional-Connectivity at CE-CPEC. CE-CPEC is envisioned as a center of research excellence mandated to research the five priority areas of cooperation in the myriad of CPEC.

Previously he has worked with prestigious national and international organizations  like Ministry of Defence, NESCOM, Siemens, NUST, Makkah Techno Valley Co, Saudi Arabia, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, NIMBUS Centre Cork, Ireland.


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