Long Term Plan for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (2017-2030)

LTP provides a conceptual framework for CPEC. This plan is national plan approved by both Chinese and Pakistani government. It will effectively match relevant national plans of China and as well as Pakistan vision 2025. This plan is effective until 2030 and will provide macro guidance for implementation of CPEC (Ahsan Iqbal, Minister for Interior and Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms)


CPEC Quarterly Autumn Issue 2017 (Volume 1)

This publication “CPEC Quarterly” is an effort to disseminate the most updated and authentic information about CPEC. I am sure that this magazine will go a long way by serving our effort to reach out all the relevant quarters and stakeholders including masses to know about the ongoing and futuristic projects of CPEC. CPEC Quarterly is divided into four sections for now but this will enlarge with the passage of time to equate the international standards of an informed public horizon (Chief Editor’s Note)

Editor’s Note

Scholars who have an interest in research relevant to CPEC are invited to contribute to the CPEC Quarterly Magazine. Submission Guidelines 

Yasir Masood
Lead Editor
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Research Papers


How to boost Exports through CPEC? Applying Growth Identification and Facilitation Framework (GIFF) To Pakistan

Abstract Pakistan economy is besieged on the export front for decades, which contributes to trade and...

Assessing Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in Context of Job Creation: A Comparative Analysis for CPEC SEZs in Pakistan

Abstract Special economic zones (SEZs) around the world are normally established with the aim of achieving...

Joint Ventures under CPEC and Prospects for Pakistan’ Industry: A Remarkable Yield of One Belt One Road Initiative

Abstract China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a revolutionary project having remarkable implications for the economy...

Policy Briefs


CPEC & Climate Change – Pakistan Towards a Climate Compatible Paradigm

A roundtable conference was hosted by Urban Development Division of Centre of Excellence -China Pakistan...

Challenges and Potential of SME Sector Financing in Pakistan and a Way Forward; through CPEC

Introduction: Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are the firms that have limited businesses activity. Commonly, SMEs...

Latest Articles

CPEC – Herald of Innovation

In Pakistan rent-seeking culture dominates the businesses where entrepreneurs mainly rely on government support (protection, subsidies and licensing etc.) to run and grow their...

Export Retention in the Leather Sector of Pakistan and Opportunities under...

Leather and Leather merchandises are the most significant and the third most dynamic industrial sector in Pakistan after cotton, textile and rice. Leather industry...


Piloting of Designed Instruments to Measure Socio Economic Impacts of CPEC

Socio Economic Division at CoE-CPEC conducted a series of workshops to design instruments/questionnaires to establish the baseline particularly in those areas where any of...

CPEC Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Punjab – Faisalabad Industrial Estate...

The official delegation from CoE-CPEC consisting of Dr. Saleem Janjua, Dr. Liaqat, and Mr. Adnan Khan visited the SEZ of Punjab on 16th February...

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